ashtray on magazine

I believe I am one of the last living catalog people.  I was working on catalog layouts and photoshoots when blue line meant writing on the proofs in blue pencil because the camera could not see the blue markings, when cut and paste was a literal term, and when a polaroid was taken of each image and hatched inside the photographer's armpit before anything was committed to film.  

I appreciate digital photography and media for a variety of reasons but I love the craft of film and print.   And while I know I can get every recipe, design or fashion image, and article online, I still buy magazines and books because I love the look, feel and smell of a printed page.  

My current favorite design books

Morning Noon Night & Eat Drink Nap

My current favorite design magazines

Dim Dam Dom

Milk Decoration



Conde Nast Traveler (not exactly a design magazine, but great for inspiration)

My current favorite online source for inspiration

The Socialite Family


Laurie Furber