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If this year in lockdown has taught me one thing, it's the healing power of a good bath. On long days with nowhere to go, there is nothing better than wasting away the hours in the bathtub. It is stress relief at its very finest.

Rituals | Ambiance for Bath Time

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My happy place is lounging in the bathtub with a spritz in hand and a page-turning romance novel. Long, luxurious self-care routines are a simple and easy way to feel pampered in our own homes. To recreate our perfect bath time ambiance, pour yourself a glass of wine and read on for all of our favorite bathing essentials. 

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Body Products

A good bath is made great by luxurious beauty products. Here are our top picks to leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Flamingo Shaving Cream 

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What is a bath without some mood lighting? Click the links for our favorite scented candles.

Homesick San Francisco

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Cocktail Recipe

For our bathtime cocktail, we like to stick with our tried-and-true classic: the Aperol Spritz. It's light, bubbly, and one sip immediately feels like vacation. Here's our favorite recipe:

Aperol Spritz Ritual

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Reading Material

The bath calls for wistful, romantic reads that pair nicely with a glass of rosé (or a spritz). Here are our top picks:

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

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Mood Music

It's no secret around Elsie Green that I'm a big Taylor Swift fan. But, just for you all, I took a break from my all-Taylor discography to create this tranquil, calming bathtime playlist to set the mood. Click the link below to listen.

eg bathtime x

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Bath Accessories

Last but not least, check out these bath accessories for the perfect finishing touches.

Parachute Plush Bathrobe
Beeswax Pillar
Pure Linen Bath Towels

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