Each member of the Elsie Green team has beautiful taste and feels passionately about gifting and giving.

Read on for Michele's 2023 gift edit of her favorites past and present.  

vintage flatware in stoneware pots

What is your favorite Elsie Green gift to give?

Our vintage flatware is one of my favorite things. I can think of several people on my list who would love a set of vintage spoons or a silver pie server.  

A nice Elsie Green gift for yourself.

Honestly it was hard to choose just one.  But if I have to choose: vintage stoneware.  Before working at Elsie Green I had more time to devote to my practice of learning the ceramic arts. When I see the rustic, sometimes primitive, pieces come in I have to restrain myself from buying it all. Vintage wood knives and vintage art are also high on my list.

What is the best Elsie Green gift you've ever received?

I received a Frankie Linen Bag from Laurie for my birthday when we were traveling in Europe together.  I use it all the time. It’s my go to for picnics at the beach with my friends and family.

The gift you can't wait to give because you know it's absolutely perfect


There’s so much I love about this book! Annie Leibovitz is one of my favorite photographers. I remember seeing her work on exhibit in Albuquerque, New Mexico back when i was studying design in college. I couldn’t get over the richness of her photos! So much depth and texture. I love her use of color and props…how she doesn’t just capture the essence of a person through their expression, but tells a story in her settings.  

I also love the size and design of the book itself. The natural linen cover with red embossed type and red edged pages really speaks to the days when i was working as a graphic designer.

Beautifully executed on every level.

annie liebovitz with camera

| image courtesy of master class |

What is your favorite practical gift to give?

If I had the time, I would hand-craft something. One year, I was really into hand building ceramics and made all my nieces petite catch-all jewelry dishes accompanied with earrings. Since I am out of practice and short on time this year, I might give a hand-made ceramic tea cup with Greek Mountain Tea (my new favorite!) and a linen dish towel. I’ve recently discovered a hand-picked greek mountain tea that is so beautiful to look at, it’s a single stem with yellow flowers and very comforting for the soul. I like to give gifts that I’ve enjoyed myself and want to share.

A gift that is soft and cozy for your friend or family member who loves to get cozy.

Mongolian Cashmere Ribbed Beanie from Quince! I absolutely love this beanie.

What is the gift you like to give to the person who is impossible to shop for?

Working here at Elsie Green makes it easy to find something unique and if it’s not from here, it's another found treasure like a heart rock I picked up from the beach paired with a good book that I think they will enjoy.

Everyone loves a good candle - can you share your favorite scent/candle to gift?

CADE by Le Labo. I love how each label is personalized and printed in the shop at purchase. You can name it and give it a special meaning like “Next Chapter,” which I plan to give to myself for the new year.

Share three books that you'd like to gift this year.

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

The New York Times No-Recipe Recipes

Or a classic like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towels

A gift for your friend who loves experiences or learning something new.

Tickets to almost any performance at The California Shakespeare Theater. A hidden GEM here in the East Bay Area! I’ve seen several events here and it is simply magical every time.

Something indulgent that you'd like to gift for yourself.

A massage. I’m always moving at work and at home, plus I love to trail run, so my body takes a beating and a massage is a complete indulgence! Just being still for 60-90 minutes is a total luxury for me.

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