This summer, we've really loved gathering around the dining table and enjoying home cooked meals and good conversations with our families. Today, we're sharing a few simple ways to make each meal at home special and memorable.

elsie reclaimed wood dining table
  1. Set the table with your favorite linens. We've been using our favorite Stonewashed French Linen Napkins
  2. Always light candles at dinnertime. Nothing feels more special than a candlelit dinner
  3. Incorporate one or two new recipes into your weekly rotation of meals. It's so easy to stick to your tried and true recipes each week, but we promise that trying a new recipe from your favorite cookbook will give everyone in your household something to look forward to! This month we're diving into Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.
  4. Set the table with your vintage flatware. No need to keep these stored away for special occasions!
  5. Throw on a playlist - we think this one is perfect.
elsie green dinnerware

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We envision years of family meals filled with laughter and joy shared around these tables.

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Sepi Shokouh
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