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Sofia Coppola denim fashion edit

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Call it a throwback to my tom-boy youth, call it my my current every day uniform, or call it what it really is: classic. In my eyes, nothing is more classic than good denim. It has seen many a trend come and go, just as I have in my 40 some odd years. And just like myself, denim is staying true to itself.

Denim is here to stay. But how denim can adapt to your changing wardrobe as seasons change, as decades change, as fashions silhouettes change, that's the part I like to be keeping with. I am a firm believer in capsule wardrobes, and working with what I have, and denim I certainly have. I have also learned the value of investing well with my wardrobe. The  crisp white button up, the essential oversized black blazer, the black loafer, the Breton striped tee, the ballet flat, and the perfectly worn in pair of jeans. All items worthy of their own essay, and when put together create fashion magic. It makes day to day easy, day to night easy, travel easy, and puts me at ease knowing I will feel put together, chic, and comfortable.

The initial cost of each item may be high, but the cost per wear makes it almost free. I'll never forget spending the jaw dropping (to me) amount on the most incredible white button up with my first paycheck as a fashion buyer. It was exhilarating. I still have that blouse, and I still wear it with my favorite pair of jeans du jour. Investing in the classics appeals to my minimalist heart. And the more I age, and the more educated I am, the more empowered I feel to bypass fast fashion and only shop as ethically as I can. I can carefully select each item I wear. Which is part of why I turn to denim again and again. It lasts. I wear it until it literally wears out on me. 

I also refuse to follow the rules that society has determined as dressing appropriately for my age. Dressing in my 40's is not too different from dressing in my 20's and 30's. And if I'm pairing my jeans with a band t-shirt and sneakers, its not too different from how I dressed in my youth. There is a big difference between personal style and chasing trends. And in this iteration of my life I am chasing my kids, and my work and lifestyle dictates comfort and not overthinking it. So denim it is.

Sometimes the combo is my blazer and jeans, and on other days its jeans and an oversized mens shirt. I'll never say no to a denim on denim look à la the Canadian tuxedo. Some days it's the perfect denim chore coat, or a denim jumpsuit.  But it is certainly always denim. And knowing my body well, means that if the waist stays nice and high and the leg nice and straight, the fit will be just right.

For some it's a weekend look. For me, it's my always and forever every day staple.

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Jeans and overcoat denim edit
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Jeans and black top denim edit
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Denim and Duster denim edit

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March 17, 2023 — Sarah Guenter