Here at Elsie Green, we have cultivated a culture of extreme inspiration - good books, delicious recipes, photographs, films, and any and everything in between. 
We love a good round-up and thought we'd share all of the things we are crushing on this month that every maman in your life will adore. 
If anything, we hope this monthly round-up of some of the things our shop girls have been obsessing over serves as a reminder to slow down, be present and enjoy the beauty in the simple things.
tatine candle elsie green
tatine candle elsie green collection
filoli woodside historic house and garden
filoli historic house and garden woodside california
falmingo estates gift set mother's day
flamingo estates gift guide sets mother's day
brook linen checkered robe mother's day gift guide
brook linen checkered robe mother's day gift guide
catbird nyc permanent jewelry bracelet
catbird nyc permanent jewelry bracelet
colin king arranging things new design styling book
colin king arranging things design stylist book
the warrington house getaway airbnb bohemian vacation rental
the warrington house santa rosa vacation rental airbnb wine country
wine club subscription scribe winery
scribe winery mother's day gift interior hacienda
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