Everyone is either a sofa person or a bed person, and I am a bed person through and through. When I moved into my NYC apartment, I had to make choices about what I wanted to invest in, and I decided upon my coffee set up, my dresser, and my bed. And it absolutely paid off.

My bed is composed of layers and layers of the softest linens, coziest comforters, and fluffiest pillows. In fact, I am in my bed currently as I write this. I am also watching Anyone But You (it's terrible, but my mom and I have watched it five times), but that's beside the point.

I've compiled this checklist to help you create your perfect setup for slumber. Trust me, it's worth it.

Your perfect bed awaits:

Elsie Green Washed Linen Duvet

Elsie Green Linen Pillowcase Set

Brooklinen Cooling Cotton Percale Sheets

Casper Pair of Pillows

Quince Down Alternative Comforter

Elsie Green Freya Linen Throw

Elsie Green Stonewashed Linen Throwbed

Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

Elsie Green Block Print Pillow Cover

Andie Furber