I'm not big on fortune tellers, and quite frankly I am afraid of Tarot Cards.   But I do believe strongly in the personality types defined by astrological signs.  I'm an Aquarius. My grandma was an Aquarius. My brother-in-law, my nephew and my niece are Aquarians.  I share my birthday with Darren Criss and Cristiano Ronaldo.  I like to think we all have some things in common.  

February is a big birthday month at Elsie Green (and consequently a big bagel and donut month.)  Of the ten ladies we have on the Elsie Green team, three of us have birthdays this month.   And while I love all the Elsie Green girls equally, I feel a special kinship with my fellow Aquarians.  All the stereotypes applied to Aquarians play out in our sample of three

We're like water:  we seek the low ground, we're soft and pliable, but if given enough time we can carve a canyon through a rock

We'll be your ride or die

We can be a bit unpredictable (and dare I say stubborn?)

We celebrate loudly and suffer in silence 

We're seekers of beauty

We say what we mean

We love our vision boards and our resolutions

I pride myself in being extremely self-aware and when I see one of my favorite Aquarian traits displayed in one of these lovely young ladies, I well up with pride.  And when I catch myself displaying one of my not-so-favorite  Aquarian traits I think of my fellow water babies, and it gives me peace of mind.  Maybe it's not so bad after all.   

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