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The History of Moroccan Baskets

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The History of Moroccan Baskets

Moroccan basket weaving is an ancient craft that originated in Maghreb, then expanded Mediterranean markets and eventually, into global markets. On average, the baskets take about one day to make but it varies depending on the size and intricacies of the basket. 

Moroccan baskets were constructed to fulfil practical purposes such as carrying produce to and from the markets, or used as storage at home. They continue to fulfil these purposes today, but are also used aesthetically. 

moroccan basket

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Moroccan baskets come in various shapes and sizes, with a range of handle and strap lengths. Depending on what you are carrying, different strap lengths are more fitting for the job. In the 1950's for example, Moroccan baskets were embraced as a fashion statement and used as a summer accessory. 

Round Moroccan Tote

Moroccan Hanging Basket

Moroccan Basket Tray

Pair of Little Moroccan Baskets 

Moroccan Tote

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