For the EG gals the perfect long weekend looks a little something like this:

Slow, leisurely days spent mostly in the sun while relaxing on our Moroccan lounger, sipping our favorite summer cocktail and catching up on our reading list. 

When we’re not at the shop, we've been spending a majority of our time at home, tending to our gardens and perfecting our summer recipes.

| image courtesy of Giadzy | photography by Elizabeth Newman |

Our summer cocktail of choice is inspired by lemons plucked directly from the tree and lavender snipped from the garden. The lemon and lavender compliment each other nicely and you can easily tailor the amount of each ingredient to your own preferred taste. If the mood calls for a non-alcoholic beverage, leave the vodka out of the recipe and simply serve as a sparkling lemonade - here's what you'll need:

lemon simple syrup

club soda


fresh lavender for garnish

fresh lemon for garnish

Enjoy a few more of our favorite beverage recipes.

Sepi Shokouh
Tagged: food & recipes