Whether you collect vintage oil paintings, sketches, photographs or lithographs, it's always a bit intimidating to commit to an arrangement on your wall.  We've got a few fool-proof tips and tricks to help you get it right the first time. 

For a large piece of art, center the piece at eye level.  The center of the photograph or painting should be approximately 60" from the floor.  


If you have two large pieces of art, treat them as a single piece by positioning them 2-3 inches apart, and centering them at eye level as you would one large piece of art.

If you're lucky enough to have a large collection of photographs, sketches or paintings, and a long uninterrupted wall, line the top edges of your art pieces up at the top, and let the bottoms of the frames create a lovely negative space on your wall.  This arrangement works best when the largest piece of art is centered at eye level and roughly in the center of the arrangement.  

If you have an architectural element to work with such as a door or a fireplace, don't be afraid to work your arrangement around it.  The trick is to keep the spacing between the art pieces about 2-3" and the margin around the fireplace or door about the same.  If you don't have a piece of furniture positioned on the wall, take your arrangement all the way to the floor.  

If you have a collection of small paintings, photographs, sketches or lithographs, make them work as one single piece of art by creating a spine down the center of your arrangement with the largest pieces of art.  Then allow the smaller pieces to radiate out from the spine.  

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Laurie Furber
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