chistmas lights out of focus


"Make it simple, but significant."  - Don Draper

Those words have always resonated with me.  Now more than ever because I only have six days in December when all three of my children will be in the same state.  There's not much time for a lot of fanfare or complicated plans.  Although I talk a good game about slowing down and appreciating the small moments, I tend to pack the itinerary when the kids are in town.  Lots of fun moments and memories, but not a lot of time for free play.  

Although I know my children adore me, I have some insecurities that as they get older, they'll think it's boring to come visit.  I know this about myself.  So I make plans.  And I hope in the process I make memories.  

But I had a revelation this summer when traveling with the kids through Europe;  sometimes free play is where the magic happens.  Lounging poolside on a rooftop in Marrakech with Jack, sitting quietly in a church in Île de Ré, long walks in Monopoli looking for the fishing boats.  And all of my children know how much I like to start the evening in the hotel bar - some of our best conversations have been in that quiet hour before the evening really starts.  

This year I'm forced to face those insecurities, let the free play happen and find significance in the small moments.  Otherwise the six days will be a flurry of activity with little meaning.  This will be good practice for my 2024 resolution - to give myself a year with no grand plans, no big objectives, just the freedom to let the days, weeks and months unfold.  And a year of finding the simple, but significant moments within them.  A year of free play. 
I hope you have a beautiful season filled with memorable big moments and small.  And I hope you have at least a few days spent in your pajamas and fuzzy socks experiencing the joy of free play.  


Laurie Furber