I rarely stay in the same hotel twice.  I see hotels and restaurants as wells of inspiration, and I typically believe that part of the fun of travel is experiencing new hotels, restaurants, museums and sights whenever I visit a city.  

saint cecilia pool soul neon sign

Except when I visit Austin, Texas.  Whenever I'm in Austin I stay at Hotel Saint Cecilia, and very rarely leave the property.  I sit by the pool, I relax in my room with the hotel's collection of Joni Mitchell records, I curl up on a leather chesterfield in the bar with my book and a cappuccino.  And this past week my friend Beth and I sat in the bar each morning with a cappuccino and each evening with a White Negroni and we chatted about our dreams. 

hotel saint cecilia bar

The hotel's atmosphere is conducive to cocooning, the service makes a visitor forget about the outside world and the food is simple and beautifully prepared.  Beth and I marveled at how the chef put the salt and pepper right onto the breakfast board.  So chic.  

bread board with eggs and baguette hotel saint cecilia

There's really no reason to leave unless one needs new pants (Beth) or one wants tacos (Laurie).  

The rooms are an investment, so I highly recommend sharing with a friend whose company you truly enjoy.  And be prepared to see nearly none of Austin.  Although the petite hotel is tucked away just above South Congress, it feels a world away from the surrounding city and the rest of the world. 

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