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I've been dreaming about living in Europe for a month since we started Elsie Green 12 years ago.  But the timing never worked - I had kids to raise, a house to keep, a new business to build. But this year seemed like the right time.  

So I packed my carry on, invited some of my favorite people to jump in at various points, bid adieu for now to the Elsie Green team and headed east. 

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The trip began in NYC, then proceeded as a greatest hits tour of all my favorite spots in Europe and Morocco that I wanted to share with my travel buddies.  I set out with the intention of simply clearing my mind of all the clutter that had accumulated over the years.  Along the way, I learned (or re-learned) some things about the value of travel.  

el fenn marrakech
In no particular order...
  1. The challenges presented by long travel days, a rolling suitcase on a cobblestone street or renting a car from an agency that only has cars with manual transmissions are all metaphors for other challenges in life if you open your mind to interpret them. 

  2. An all croissant and cafe au lait diet may seem like a good idea, but it WILL bring you to the brink of tears in a crowded and hot train station.  It's just a question of when and where. 

  3. To gain perspective, you have to get out of the weeds. 

  4.  Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.  

  5. Packing for six weeks in a carry-on suitcase is a great way to practice being grateful for what one has. 

  6. Once the work of  teaching your children how to be independent and productive adults is done, it's OK to spoil them. 

  7. Paris is the best city to stay up all night in. 

  8. Things that seem scary, overwhelming or like too much work can ultimately lead to the best experiences. 

  9. Home is where my people are. 

  10. Inspiration is everywhere if you're open to it. 


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I highly recommend running away for a bit (and taking some of your favorite people with you). 

I feel more myself than I have in years, and yet I feel like a new woman at the same time. 

I feel like both teacher and student. 

I'm happy to be back, filled to the brim with inspiration for my life and my work. 

 And I feel healthy and happy in my mind, body and soul.   


Laurie Furber
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