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Your home bar glassware collection does not have to be plentiful to be complete. A combination of a few staple pieces that can be used for various drinks will do the trick. In other words, a short glass, a tall glass and a glass with a stem. 

Champagne Coupe

Our stemmed glass of choice will always be the champagne coupe. It is perfect for margaritas, martinis, cosmopolitans and of course, champagne. 

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Gigogne Glass

For your short glass, try a gigogne glass. It the perfect size for a glass of wine, and a lot more durable than a traditional wine glass. Plus they are easy to stack, maximising your storage space. Gigogne glasses can also be used for a spirit on the rocks, or a short cocktail.  

coffee tumblers


A tumbler  is perfect for pouring and serving beer. It is tall enough for the beverage itself and for the foam it creates. They are also great for a tall cocktail or ones that require a lot of ice. 

breadboard with cocktails

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