Our resident Elsie Green flora expert is our very own Kelsey Schmidt. She's our go-to gal for floral arrangements, and our favorite companion for a trip the SF flower mart. One of her favorite traditions is hunting down the perfect holiday foliage, so I sat down with her to ask her for some of her sage wisdom.

woman holding wreath

Here's what she had to say:

One of my very favorite Elsie Green traditions is going to the SF Flower Mart the week after Thanksgiving to get some special things to deck the halls at the shops. 

tiny christmas tree

I buy myself a fancy coffee and do a few laps around the mart before I start to make my decision. I usually buy 100 ft of fresh garlands, a few very big statement wreaths and wintery looking branches to fill vessels with. But my VERY favorite thing to pick out is a selection of petite trees for the shop (and for myself).

holiday foliage with taper candle

Every year, I pick out my favorite to put in my son's room. We have a collection of tiny ornaments and little fairy lights that we decorate it with. It is truly one of my absolute favorite traditions to do with him! 

crock with holiday branches

Every night when he falls asleep he asks to keep the lights on his tree on all night. I have such vivid memories as a child falling asleep with the Christmas lights on outside my window. It was such a magical feeling. And I am so glad that I can pass that feeling on to him. 

griffin schmidt tiny christmas tree

Visit our botanical pinterest board for inspiration, then grab your clippers and start foraging.  
Laurie Furber