When we think of the color blue our minds often wander to natural bodies of water that offer a sense of peacefulness and calm. Rivers, lakes, the sea and the most striking shades of blue that can be found in the mediterranean - these are what we think of and are places that you would normally find us during this season.

These certainly are not normal times and this summer we will be spending a majority of our days at home. We love the idea of using this calming color in our home whether it be with a splash of paint on the walls, a piece of furniture upholstered or painted in a shade of blue, or more subtly with decorative items such as vintage art.

We have rounded up some of our favorite interiors that use various shades of our current favorite hue and hope that you love them as much as we do.

| image courtesy of Joanna Plant Interiors |
| image courtesy of Domino |
| image courtesy of Mad About the House |
| image courtesy of Dixon Rye |
| image courtesy of Sheer Luxe |
| image courtesy of Elle Decor |
| image courtesy of Elle Decor |
| image courtesy of @jaimecabrerahuidobro |

| image courtesy of @sister_interiors |

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