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There are simple joys in life that thrill me to the tips of my toes, and tipping the top of that list is receiving a personal handwritten note from a loved one.

Living in this global citizen world, with friends and family scattered in various locales, one can feel disconnected. But with the arrival of a note with familiar handwriting you could recognize anywhere, the authentic and deeply personal hand written note can make you feel connected again in an instant. Someone took the time to put pen to carefully chosen paper, and told you about their news, their day, or their year. I love to imagine the journey the notecard has taken to get to me, and in a lot of instances I know the exact mailbox that my loved one likely dropped the stamped note into.

My family and I have moved to many different locales in the world, and with that have collected more friends who have turned into family. I have found I love the ritual of sitting with a crisp stack of stationery and writing personal anecdotes to each and every one of them. As often as I think of everyone throughout the year, and with great intention of sending a 'just because' card, it tends to be sometime during the holiday season that I grow ever more sentimental, and thus, my own tradition of holiday notes began. Luckily for me, the paper goods game has been elevated over the years, and I can more easily find something that speaks to me.

Shop my carefully curated list of favorite stationery below, and perhaps you'll find the inspiration to return to the art of of the hand written note.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

xo Sarah 

A Hand Written Note | Holiday Stationery
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A Hand Written Note Elsie Green Holiday Guide

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November 14, 2023 — Sarah Guenter