All the Elsie Green girls have been inspired by Austin Kleon's list of "100 Things That Made My Year (2022)" and we've started creating our own lists.  It's a simple, but effective exercise in finding the joy in the every day. 

Thank you Austin for the inspiration.  And thank you to all the people who made this a damn good year.  
  1. Starting the new year at The Madrona, talking about good lists and bad lists with Carolyn. 
  2. Visiting the Korean Spa with Katie and an impromptu shopping spree at Daiso after.
  3. A walk in Chinatown with the Postcard Photo Club.
  4. An evening with Pallavi at Leo’s, learning all about Mandhir, her new beau.  See #37 for an update on that romance. 
  5. Walking to the Paramount Theatre for solo dates to the Oakland Symphony. 
  6. Exploring Berlin and the Bauhaus trail with Joey.
  7. Pasta night with Jackie, Kelsey, Katie, Andie & Griffin.  Working in the kitchen while the kids of all ages chatted and played with Legos felt like a glimpse into my future life. 
  8. Visiting all the pools at Dr. Wilkinson with Lisa.  
  9. Staying up all night in Paris.  
  10. Free Play on the El Fenn rooftop in Marrakech. 
  11. Long weekend in Laguna with Victoria.  The Spirit Airlines flight was not a highlight, but the weekend itself was a good one. 
  12. Weekly meetings at Elsie Green to recap Succession. 
  13. Fancy Hot Pockets and a show with Terri.  
  14. Visiting the Oscar Museum with my mom, the world’s most dedicated fan of the movies and the oscars.
  15. Reading and re-reading All the Broken Places.
  16. Seeing the Leonard Cohen documentary at the 92nd Street Y. 
  17. Carmelo three times in two weeks. 
  18. A long walk with Jack in his new neighborhood.  
  19. Beach Yoga
  20. July 4th with Katie, sitting by the pool, cooking sliders, making cupcakes and watching fireworks.
  21. 24 amazing hours at Palazzo Daniele.
  22. Lighting a candle for my father-in-law’s passing in a small church in Ile de Ré.
  23. Dinner with Clay, David, and Christopher.  And the hype they gave me for my outfit. 
  24. A mystery event with Kendra that turned out to be a silent disco. 
  25. A magical weekend in LA that included two nights at Chateau Marmont, matching PJs, floor seats to the last night of the Eras tour and a dip in the pool with Armie Hammer and Eric Dane.  Ok - I was in the pool and they were in the pool.  But still. 
  26. A Sound Bath in Tulum that felt like a six hour nap. 
  27. Dinner with Zoe at my favorite haunts - BarShiru and Yonsei. 
  28. Third-wheeling San Francisco Symphony dates with David and Dennis. 
  29. AYU Body Oil in Carnal
  30. An eight week wheel throwing class. 
  31. French conversation classes with Andie on Wednesday nights. 
  32. A visit to Phillip Johnson’s Glass House
  33. A quiet night in a dark bar in Hudson. 
  34. Finding a vintage Valentino blazer in a thrift shop in Hudson for a steal. 
  35. Shopping for vintage cigarette cases with Lisa at Porte de Vanves in Paris. 
  36. An amazing sandwich in the Château Voltaire bar in Paris.  
  37. An incredible long weekend celebrating the wedding of Pallavi and Mandhir. And a lovely morning spent chatting with just a few of the smart, interesting women in Pallavi’s life.    
  38. Same long weekend hosted by Chris, Sandy and HoneyBear.  I love getting to know old friends in new ways. 
  39. Flower Piano at Golden Gate Park, and playing tourist for a day in San Francisco.  
  40. Soul Train and Marlow with Andie and Sarah. 
  41. A quiet weekend in Neuchatel with Sabina.  
  42. Wine chats with Victoria.
  43. Talking fashion with Christopher.  How oversized is too oversized? 
  44. A quiet concert at Little Saint. 
  45. Sending menus to the kids when I have dinner plans and polling them on what I should order.
  46. Eating potato chips and caviar with Carolyn and Jordan at Valley.
  47. Collecting heart shaped rocks from European beaches. 
  48. Harlem Globetrotters with Griffin.  I think I enjoyed it more than he did.  Check that - I'm sure I did. 
  49. An impromptu city date with Sepi:  dinner at Souvla, Fran Lebowitz,  and a drink at Absinthe.  I was all set to enjoy the evening alone after a friend had to cancel until Sepi called and said “where should I meet you?”
  50. Dog fashion in the lobby of my building. 
  51. Sending mail to my favorite people. 
  52. A new sweater with a big red heart on it and 90s supermodel jeans.  
  53. A concert held in a workshop that restores vintage pianos on our first night in Berlin.  We were fighting jet lag and losing, then walked into this magical venue. 
  54. Shopping in European stationary shops. 
  55. Drinks at Union Station with the girls. 
  56. One extra day of Spring Break with Katie.  We were having lunch at the Lake Chalet and she said “what if I stay one more day?”
  57. Exploring OCMA with visitors, and buying puzzles in their gift shop. 
  58. Making marmalade with mom.  
  59. My dad discovering CuriosityStream. 
  60. Fotografiska, the Lobster Boat & Bunkbeds at the Freehand Hotel. 
  61. Shopping for Elsie Green treasures in Pierre Malbec’s collection.
  62. A rainy walk in Montmartre.
  63. Lisa arriving at Nomad in Marrakech in a pink tuktuk after a multi-day detour from New York when she learned she couldn’t fly to Europe or Morocco with her current passport.  
  64. Tarte Flambe in Colmar.
  65. Shopping Lyon’s best Farmer’s Market on a quiet Saturday morning.  
  66. Cornettos, Pizza and Gelato in Puglia.
  67. Trulli in Arbellobelo.  
  68. Lighthouse hunting with Katie on Ile de Ré.
  69. Harry Styles at Stade de France.  And every text from Lisa about Harry Styles since.
  70. Chess lessons from Jack. 
  71. Glitter Chucks with red soles & friendship bracelets.
  72. Mrs. Frankweiler at the Museum of the City of New York. 
  73. Shopping for perfume at Coqui Coqui
  74. Baby Olivia!
  75. Visiting the pumpkin patch with Lisa, Jenn, Allie and all the kids. 
  76. Flat Jim
  77. Drunk Shakespeare, Halal, Pop Up Bagels & the mezzanine at Freehand.  
  78. Working on my love journal. 
  79. The Bear Season 2
  80. A Little Life, The Stationery Shop, Stone Cold Fox, Yellowface & Signal Fires.
  81. Hozier Radio on Spotify.
  82. Training for the new Travis Scott album. 
  83. Live texting with Jack while we watched Coach Prime’s Buffalos win and lose. 
  84. Austin Kleon’s newsletter.
  85. Entertainment Mode on the Peloton. 
  86. Movie nights in my big bed with my new smart projector.  
  87. Exploring Monet’s garden in Giverny.  And gaining a whole new level of trust in the universe when we knocked on the back door of a restaurant in a French village and handed them our luggage while we went to the garden with only a phone number to reclaim it.  
  88. Realizing that I’ve built a life for myself that allows me to jump on a plane and come to someone’s aid if they need me.  
  89. Hozier, Maggie Rogers & Shawn Colvin
  90. Flowers every Sunday. 
  91. Oysters & wine by the seaside.
  92. A box of cookies from my mom.  
  93. Reconnecting with old friends. 
  94. Exploring Oakland’s food scene with my dad. 
  95. One night in Lyon with Carolyn, Lisa & Erin talking about the influences in our lives that shaped us into who we are.  
  96. French toothpaste.     
  97. The Tonga Room and Crime Junkie with Jenn and Allie. 
  98. Morning Meeting and The Daily Podcasts. 
  99. My rented live Christmas tree and sending Amaryllis bulbs to some special people.
  100. Pizza, Abba & Legos with Diego.
December 31, 2023 — Laurie Furber
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