Make yourself a cup of tea, light a fire, settle in with our inspiration guide & click each image and link.   It is full of creative ideas, playlists, recipes, and other fun things.  We hope this guide  gives you a bit of encouragement to create some special moments and memories in a time when we all need to feel something special. 

A few tips to help you fully enjoy all our inspiration guide has to offer

You can view the guide on your phone, but the beautiful images look best on your laptop. 

Click on the guide and it will fill the screen so the images are nice and big.  When the guide is in full screen mode, the curser will turn into a pointing finger where there's a link to something fun. Click all of them if you have the time, or enjoy it bit by bit.  

The guide works in all browsers but there are some special surprises if you use Safari. 

Click every image and anything in italics for more music, recipes, inspiration, and other fun things.