I am planning another six week tour through Europe and thinking about the perfect combination of day and night, work and play, city and beach for my bag.

I think I have it.  And best of all, it all fits in my Away Carry-On .  

Take a peek at the contents of my bag


Flea Market Flare Jeans

Kick Out Jeans in Black

Maxi Slip Skirt in Black

Pleated Shorts in Black

Striped Satin Trousers

Dresses and Sets

Striped Daytime Pajama Set

Striped Linen Dress & Jacket

Long Linen Popover Dress


Reversible Penelope Tank in Black & White

Linen Strapless Top

Men's Linen Shirt in Black and White

Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt in Navy/Black Stripe

Cashmere Cardigan

Relaxed Blazer 


Adidas Gazelles in black & grey

K. Jacques Epicure Sandals in black & tan

Ballet Flats in forest green


Laurie Furber