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As a photographer, I see the world in photos. The framing, the styling, the depth of field, the colors. I am a very visual person and being able to capture a moment, a feeling really, to imprint on my brain is so satisfying.  


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Whether you're just beginning your journey or have been honing your skills for years, there's something undeniably enchanting about capturing the perfect shot, clicking the shutter and reliving each moment again and again.  

Getting started can be somewhat overwhelming. There is SO much gear out there. Do you really need it? I have a few essentials that I always keep in my bag for photoshoots or photo safari days. 

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Five things every photographer needs: 

Your camera of choice.

This is my Go-to film camera

A reliable camera charger or extra rolls of film. My go to film is Portra400.

A good bag to carry and organize your gear. Cuyana's classic leather tote is my favorite. It is big enough for a camera, a few lenses and whatever odds and ends I need depending on the nature of the shoot.

A large memory card - I use this 256 gb one. It is large enough that I don't run into low space issues on shoot days.

A card reader for your iPhone when you are on the go. I brought this one with me on my most recent trip to Morocco and it worked like a dream. I was able to upload and edit my photos right from my phone!

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