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I am always looking for new sources of inspiration, and often that comes from traveling to new places and immersing myself in new cultures.  And each trip brings with it an element of self discovery that I draw from for months and years to come. 

 motorcycle on pink wall in marrakech

| photography by kelsey schmidt |

 This year I have a few big new quests on my list:


 Chefchaouen, Morocco

chefchaouen morocco blue alleyway

| photography by kelsey schmidt |

Also known as The Blue City.  I would like to take a quick and quiet trip to this little village and just walk the alleys, admire the mountain views, listen to the call to prayer and enjoy my moroccan mint tea at a streetside cafe.

Big Sur | Death Valley | Yosemite

 yosemite tunnel view at sunrise

| photography by andie furber |

This is my year to explore California like a tourist.  While I've travelled other American states and cities in depth, I've left much of my home state's beauty unexplored.  

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