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I'm Your Cherry Blossom Baby | Spring Travel Diary

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I'm Your Cherry Blossom Baby | Spring Travel Diary


After a long, cold winter in New York City, there is nothing I'm looking forward to more than the first glimpse of spring blossoms. My window overlooks a very large row of trees that are so close to the glass it almost feels like they're reaching into my bedroom. Since it's winter, the branches are bare, and I am anxiously waiting to see them bloom.

girl with flowers in bike basket


Once that first sign of spring pops up, I'm ready to travel far and wide across the US to ring in the season properly. Join me, take a scroll, and start dreaming of spring with this list of America's best places to see spring blossoms.

The University of Washington - mid March
Seattle, Washington

university of washington cherry blossoms seattle


This one is a classic in my family, as my dad JP and several generations of Furbers have gone to the UW. The campus is beautiful (dare I say, Hogwarts-esque), and in mid March on the main quad, the cherry blossoms are the most beautiful place in all of Seattle.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve - early April
Southern California

 antelope valley poppy reserve in california


 This poppy reserve, two hours north of Los Angeles, was a spring daytrip staple for my friends and I when I lived there. If you're in California this spring, this is a must-see.

 The National Mall - early March
Washington, D.C.

washington dc national mall cherry blossoms


This one is a classic for a reason. Take a trip to see this long stretch of cherry blossoms, and stop at some Smithsonian museums while you're at it.

Crested Butte, Colorado - late June

crested butte wildflowers colorado


These wildflowers bloom all the way into the summer, so if you miss the spring season, take a hike in Crested Butte, Colorado.

 Cheekwood Estate & Gardens - end of February
Nashville, Tennessee

cheekwood estate and gardens nashville tennessee


 These tulips show up a little earlier in the season, so if the grey winter is getting you down, a quick trip to Nashville should do the trick.

Central Park - mid April
New York, New York 

 new york city central park cherry blossoms


And best of all, some of the country's best blossoms are right in my own backyard. I can't wait for my first walk in the park with all the cherry blossoms in bloom, and my film camera in hand.

flower market seattle


And best of all, to soundtrack your roadtrip, enjoy one of our all-time favorite EG flora-themed playlists.

eg foraged flora x