Cape Cod and the Massachusetts seashore are some of my favorite places in the world. The rocky beaches and cute little seaside towns are just unbeatable. I'm partial to Martha's Vineyard myself, but the Cape itself has a special novelty all its own.

cape cod autocamp sitting room

When my mom and I were planning our road trip, we knew we had to work Cape Cod into the itinerary somewhere. My mom had never been to the Cape before, but had always wanted to go. We're fans of AutoCamp and their locations in California, and heard that they had just opened up a new Cape Cod camp in Falmouth. With it located just 10 minutes from the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, it became a must-visit.

cape cod autocamp trailers

We spent one night cozied up on the porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with glasses of wine in hand, and fell in love with AutoCamp and the Cape's charm. After one failed sunset kayaking attempt, we had a perfect evening in our homey little airstream trailer. Take a scroll through our photos below to get some Cape vacation inspiration of your own.

autocamp cape cod firepit

autocamp cape cod trailers 3


autocamp cape cod trailers

autocamp cape cod clubhouse

Andie Furber
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