There has been much said about New Orleans by many writers, travelers, spirit guides and designers. Because of this, I definitely had my preconceived notions of what was in store for me when I finally touched down in NOLA.

Armed with my best girlfriends and an armload of recommendations, I set off with my sights set on design inspiration and a list of many restaurants and cocktail bars. What awaited was so much more.

With homes and gardens delighting on every corner, the friendliest locals happy to share stories of the deep rooted history all while giving directions, and the smells of Creole cooking beckoning us, we trotted around the city in our cutest outfits and soaked it all in.

There was a definitive air of the macabre underlying almost everything, and a certain grit to parts of the city, balanced with high society and very formal southern ways. It was dark and moody balanced with light and airy. And while we avoided the overtly touristy and  - yes I'll say it - maybe a little messy Bourbon street, we were still midnight revelers. We were just chasing a different ambiance. 

New Orleans marries so well with our Elsie Green love of all things French in design and revelry, with a Cajun twist. Follow along for the places and spaces that filled my inspiration cup.

Where to Sleep

Hotel Peter and Paul

Where to Eat


Where To Drink

The Columns

What to See

St. Louis Cemetery No. 3

Where to Shop

Derby Pottery and Tile


What to Pack

Ray-Ban New Clubmaster Sunglasses

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

xo Sarah

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