The age old question of which style of glass is superior, the champagne coupe or the champagne flute? The answer, well it depends. 

champagne flute

The champagne coupe is the oldest style of champagne glass, made famous in the 1920's. The shape of the glass was designed to preserve the sweet, syrupy flavour of champagne that was popular during this time. However, the shallow bowl design of the coupe also means that a large surface area of the drink is exposed to air, impacting the longevity of the bubbles. For this reason, the champagne coupe may be better suited for drinks without bubbles, or for older wines with intricate flavours. 

The champagne flute on the other hand has the opposite effect. The long, thin body of the glass cause the bubbles to rise to the top, and is able to retain the carbonation of the drink more effectively. However, this lack of space limits the ability for the flavours and aromas in the champagne to develop properly. For this reason, champagne flutes should not be used for older bottles as some of the flavour may be lost. 

The question then becomes bubbles or flavour? You choose. 

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