Like anything, candle burning has a particular etiquette that should be learned and practiced. When burning your candles, be mindful of the time. Candles should not burn for more than four hours at a time or less than one, as this will result in an uneven burn and ultimately, a deformed candle. Allow the entire surface to become molten before blowing out, and resist from lighting it again until the wax has again solidified.

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Cleaning and protecting your candle vessel should also be a priority. Try not to burn your candle right down to the bottom, as this will likely tarnish your vessel. To remove the excess wax residue at the end of the candles life, leave it in the freezer over night, rinse with hot water and then polish with a soft cloth. Good as new. 

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And of course, always remember to blow out your candles when you leave the room or are going to bed.  

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