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In episode 2, Laurie takes over to explore organized living with  Shira Gill, author of Minimalista and a new book Organized Living. 


Listen to the full episode here.  

Read on for a deeper dive into some of the things we discuss in the podcast. 

Find an overview of Shira's 15 Minute Wins here

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louis carmen paris

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Find the Louise Carmen notebooks Laurie mentioned in the discussion about the re-emergence of analog tools in our lives here.  

Find Laurie's Hatch alarm clock here.   

Laurie's book recommendation  

All the Beauty in the World

Shira's book recommendations

Mothering Earth

The Compound Effect

Find the book 24/6 about giving up screens one day per week here.  

Read about the Pomodoro Technique here and get the Pomodoro app here.

Read more on this topic in our post Dabbling in Analog.

Of course, clearing the clutter is not about buying more things to organize your things.  But after you've done the values based work of identifying what to keep and what to let go, sometimes one needs the right vessels.

Peruse Shira's favorite 5 organizing tools from Elsie Green

vintage stoneware crock

Vintage Stoneware Crock

For holding small things:  flatware & utensils in the kitchen, supplies in the office.  

big moroccan basket

Big Moroccan Basket

For everything!  Stash a few in the closet for carrying things to the car, collecting laundry, and moving things around the house.  

organic cotton pouch

Organic Cotton Pouch

For making sense of items in your junk drawer.  See more easy tips Shira's appearance on Good Morning America here

moroccan basket tray

Moroccan Basket Tray

For corralling small things, for mail, for books and magazines, for collecting herbs in the garden.  

vintage french jam jar

Vintage Jam Jar

For make-up brushes in the bath, supplies in the office, or to collect small things in a drawer.

Shop Baskets, Bags & Totes >

Shop Hooks & Coat Racks >

See Shira's appearance on Good Morning America here for some great hacks that cost less than $25. 

amber glass bottles with labels 

If you want to use a label maker the Brother P-Touch is Shira's favorite.  Or take a short cut and buy the Home Organizing Collection of labels from Minimalista x Paper & Pear.  

Join us on February 10 for a morning with Shira sharing her tips to help edit, organize, elevate, and simplify everything in your home.

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Come away inspired to organize just one closet, or your whole home. And get your signed copy of Organized Living to help you keep going on your simplifying journey.

Listen to episode 1 where Andie and Laurie cover some of our solutions for the storage challenges posed by apartment living.  

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