Directly from JP's lips, behold the best organic roasted turkey recipe we know.  JP would like you to know that this turkey will be delicious, but kind of ugly because of his unique roasting technique.  

Choose whatever size turkey you want, and prepare it for cooking by bringing it to room temperature in your sink. 

Clear out any trimmings from the cavity, and wash thoroughly.  Use any combination of seasonings, chopped coarsely.  I use oranges, apples, yellow onions, salt, pepper, rosemary.  Stuff both body cavities with your seasoning mix. 

Place gently in your roasting pan. Add about 2" of chicken stock to the bottom of the pan, which will make a nice base for your gravy after the turkey is cooked.   Coat outside with olive oil, salt, pepper.  If you want the meat to be as moist as possible, place the turkey in your pan upside down.  This method allows the juices and fats from the dark meat to flow into the white meat as the turkey cooks, making your white meat so juicy and delicious.  This works best for families that do not need a beautiful turkey for table presentation. 

Cook per the directions assuming a stuffed turkey as this takes a bit longer to make sure the internal temperature is correct.  When the turkey is ready, remove from pan, turn rightsize up.  Carve and serve.  

Laurie Furber