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Very Small Vintage Oil Bottle - elsie green
Very Small Vintage Oil Bottle - elsie green
Very Small Vintage Oil Bottle - elsie green
Very Small Vintage Oil Bottle - elsie green

Very Small Vintage Oil Bottle


Very Small Vintage Oil Bottle

  • Vintage.
  • made of glass
  • found in Paray le Monial, in France's Burgundy region
  • 10-12.5" tall

Why you'll love it

These petite oil bottles are the perfect way to start a collection of vintage glass.  We think they're quite nice with a flower or two, or just as nice without.  

What is an oil bottle?

French oil bottles, also known as "huilier" or "vinaigrier" in French, are specialized containers used for storing and serving oils, such as olive oil or vinegar. These bottles are designed to protect the oil from exposure to light and air, helping to maintain its freshness and quality.

French oil bottles typically have a distinctive design characterized by a narrow neck and a wider base. This shape helps to control the flow of oil and prevent spills while pouring. The narrow neck often features a pour spout or a cork stopper to further regulate the amount of oil dispensed.

These bottles are commonly made from glass or ceramic, with glass being the more prevalent material. Glass bottles allow for easy visibility of the oil inside, which can be helpful in monitoring the quantity and quality of the oil.

In addition to their practical function, French oil bottles are often considered as decorative items in kitchens or dining areas. They can add a touch of elegance and charm to the table setting or countertop.

It's worth noting that while the term "French oil bottle" generally refers to the style and design described above, there can be variations in the specific shapes, materials, and features of oil bottles across different regions and manufacturers.

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