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The French Kitchen

The French Kitchen

All the things you need to complete your French kitchen.
Garden Plate - elsie green

Garden Plate

Crock with Lid - elsie green

Crock with Lid

Pot a Conservation - elsie green

Pot a Conservation

Beer Bottle with Handle - elsie green

Beer Bottle with Handle

Ceramic Soap Dish - elsie green

Ceramic Soap Dish

From $59.00
Ceramic Spoon - elsie green

Ceramic Spoon

Carpe Diem Mug - elsie green

Carpe Diem Mug

Classic Dinnerware - elsie green

Classic Dinnerware

From $29.50
Collection of Pitchers - elsie green

Collection of Pitchers

Not Your Grandma's Vintage White China Set Of 4 - elsie green

Not Your Grandma's Vintage White China Set Of 4

From $49.00
Vintage Tureen - elsie green

Vintage Tureen

Fluted Tart Mold - elsie green

Fluted Tart Mold

From $59.00
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