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For Your Guests

For Your Guests

Things to get your guest room ready and make your visitors feel extra special.
Linen Coated Tray - elsie green

Linen Coated Tray

From $18.00
Washed Linen Duvet - elsie green

Washed Linen Duvet

From $245.00
Moroccan Carafe - elsie green

Moroccan Carafe

Washed Linen Sheet Set - elsie green

Washed Linen Sheet Set

From $365.00
Vintage European Sheets - elsie green

Vintage European Sheets

Savon de Marseilles Gift Set - elsie green

Savon de Marseilles Gift Set

Frankie Linen Bag - elsie green

Frankie Linen Bag

Travel Home - elsie green

Travel Home

Pair of Scented Soy Candles - elsie green

Pair of Scented Soy Candles

Throwbed - elsie green


Washed Waffle Throw Natural - elsie green

Washed Waffle Throw Natural

Mia Bath Robe - elsie green

Mia Bath Robe

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