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This summer season’s biggest nail trend was the “glazed donut” manicure that dominated all of our feeds with its iridescent allure, made popular by Hailey Bieber. While it definitely had its moment, we don’t see this slowing down as it's an elevated form of the barely there, but perfectly polished nails that are eternally chic.

Hailey Bieber glazed donut trend

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So what does fall have in store for us? 

Whether it’s your learn-as-you-go at-home manicure or the one hour of solace you get every few weeks with your nail technician, we are seeing moody hues like chocolatey brown and burnt orange colors pop up everywhere contrasted by mirror-like chrome.

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layered fall nail trend moody hues

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Nail polish is the best way to experiment with trends and enhance a new look. Take a risk, make a bold choice, and if you change your mind, et voila! A simple wipe and you have a clean palette to experiment with again. 

Our pro tip is if you have a color in mind but want to keep it lighter, pair the classic French tip manicure with your color of choice.

beige nails

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Our autumnal color picks:

Cosmic Glazes

Essie Metallics Limited Edition

 Bold Berry 

Essie in Model Clicks

Not Quite Black

Essie in Wicked
OPI in Lincoln Park After Dark
J. Hannah in Blue Nudes



For your do-it-yourselfers, 

Olive & June 

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October 01, 2022 — Alena Shmuglyakova