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The Inside Scoop | Graduation Gift Guide

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The Inside Scoop | Graduation Gift Guide

It's nearing that time of the year, high school graduation. Whether your graduate will be going to away to study at university, staying a little closer to home at a local community college, or taking a gap year; a graduation gift should be something they can use in their choice of adventure. As a member of the class of 2021 myself, I will be heading to a four-year university in the fall. So, I have put together a list of items that I believe would be necessities for an incoming college student. 

Keep reading for a round up of the best gifts to give your future grad!

The Inside Scoop | Graduation Gift Guide


An Electric Kettle

Everyone knows that most college kids live off of Top Ramen and Easy Mac. An electric teapot would be a great gift for an incoming college freshman so they can easily make food if they are in a rush. I think this one from Cuisinart is a great option!

A Film Camera

College is a time to make memories that you can remember forever. With film coming back, a film camera would be a fun way for a college student to capture their memories to look back on. I think this is more fun than a digital camera because it's mostly a surprise what's on there until you develop the film! National Camera Exchange has a great variety of affordable options.

Chic Long-Lasting Luggage

When visiting home and friends your graduate is going to need a piece of durable luggage. My personal favorite is the ebags Fortis Pro Carry-On. It is the perfect size and has lasted me forever. 

A College Sweatshirt

What teenager doesn't want to be comfy AND represent their new school? Take a peek at Etsy for college apparel. It's my favorite place to look for unique college gear that no one else will have!

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones may not be a necessity but are much more convenient than corded headphones, especially at the gym. Bonus points if they are noise canceling like these Apple AirPod Pros! Get yours monogramed to add a thoughtful personal touch to your grads gift.

If you are looking for something a little more tear-inducing and personalized, try making a scrapbook of photos and memories you have with your graduate. 

The Life Planner

The busy schedule of a college student may be hard to manage. With a planner however, they can write down when their assignments are due as well as other commitments like club meetings or sorority/fraternity events. I prefer to have a hard copy of my schedule rather than a digital copy. This planner from Erin Condren has served me well throughout my high school years so I will definitely continue to use one to stay organized while I am away at university.

The Inside Scoop | Graduation Gift Guide


Give the Gift of a New Experience

A gift that is coupled with a new experience is always at the top of our list. Consider giving your grad a gift that will encourage them to explore and get to know their new city.

If your graduate is heading off to somewhere near the mountains, a ski pass would be the perfect gift. 

If New York City is their destination of choice, the culture pass will give them an opportunity to explore places such as the MoMA or the New York Botanical Garden. 

The Inside Scoop | Graduation Gift Guide


Make a Donation to a Meaningful Charity of Your Graduate's Choice 

The most meaningful gift you could choose is a donation to a charity that holds a special place in your graduate's heart. 

In the end, a graduation gift doesn't need to be expensive, all you really need is something useful, tailored to your graduate, and heartfelt.
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