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Winding Down

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Winding Down


Winding Down

My sister and I have started a tradition.  Each summer for the past two years we have unplugged for a week and disappeared to a wellness retreat.  While it may seem extravagant to spend time and money on such an indulgence, we see it as an investment in things we value more than our money:  our health (both physical and mental) and our relationships.  

We spend the time creating our goals for the next five years, talking through things that have been troubling us, and celebrating small victories that have lifted us up.  And we partake in yoga, pilates, experiment with some new wellness treatments, eat delicious food, and learn about a new culture.   

Winding Down

This past summer we spent our week at Ocean Soul Retreat in Bali. We experienced the Balinese blessing ceremony, Balinese Healing (a disconcerting process during which the healer burps out your bad energy), and enjoyed the company of ten other women, each searching for their own peace and wellness.  

That was the surprise; how much we connected with the other women on the retreat.  When my sister and I are together, our world typically shrinks down to be just the two of us.  But for this week we welcomed these amazing women into our circle to explore together how to live our best life in the short term and the long term.  

Winding Down

Each time, we learn something new and remember how good it feels to treat ourselves right:  to treat food as fuel, to reflect on the good things in our relationships more than the bad things, to sweat a little every day, to read books, and to accomplish little goals that add up to big goals.  

Winding Down

We're still riding the high from our Bali retreat, and coasting to the end of 2017 feeling balanced, healthy, and full of hope and excitement for what 2018 holds.  

Happy holiday season, friends.  I hope you find peace and joy in the final months of 2017, and can't wait to see what's in store for all of us in the new year.  


all images courtesy of Ocean Soul Retreat


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