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Meet Victoria Smith, The Talented Founder Behind SF Girl by Bay

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Meet Victoria Smith, The Talented Founder Behind SF Girl by Bay


{photo by: Philippine Scali}
Earlier this week we announced our dear friend Victoria Smith's new shop, Super Marché. We both snuck away to France last year and curated a beautiful bohemian line of one of a kind vintage treasures for your home. We are so honored to be a part of such a beautiful project! We wanted to share her story around SF Girl by Bay as well as her inspiration for this new adventure. Enjoy!! 



What inspired you to start SF Girl by Bay or your light bulb moment that started you on this journey?
I started in June 2006, as just a hobby at first - it was never meant to be my 'job', or I probably would have thought of a more appropriate name. I've always had a love of photography and interior design, as well as writing, and the blog seemed to encompass everything I was passionate about. I initially started the blog as a way to post photographs of my interiors in the hopes of being featured on one of Apartment Therapy's home tours, and fortunately, I was selected. Their blog post on my home tour directed traffic to my blog, and one thing lead to another. Over time, the blog grew a loyal readership and eventually became my full-time job. At the time I'd never even heard of blogs, and didn't know anyone that was blogging. My friend had told me about Apartment Therapy - before that I had no clue about any blogs.
What inspired you to start Super Marché?
I've been shopping on Elsie Green for years and had also collaborated with Laurie Furber on styling some blog stories, so we knew each other pretty well. My favorite purchase though was a vintage French day bed she had for sale one day at the Alameda Flea Market. I scooped it up, and when I shared it with my readers on my blog they went nuts for it. So that gave Laurie the idea that we might collaborate together on a curated collection just for SF Girl by Bay, which was something I've always dreamed of, so I was thrilled at the thought of it.
What was your vision for the line? Or what were your influences that shaped the look of the line? People? Places? Things?
My taste is very bohemian and eclectic, and I share a lot of that look on the blog stories, so I had that look in mind when we went hunting the flea markets. But I was also heavily influenced by our trip to France and the kinds of unexpected home decor I saw there. So I wanted to include those unique pieces in the collection, those with a European vintage vibe but also with a classic feel that I felt would blend in well with my readers' homes. 
Shopping the flea markets is always pretty serendipitous for me - it's part of the fun of the hunt that you never know what's going to strike your fancy or scream 'take me home!'. But I think both Laurie and I had an idea of the types of vintage pieces my readers might like based on what they like about my own home and the eclectic way I decorate, so it was definitely a little bit of both.
Sometimes vintage is scary for people. What is your biggest piece of advice for people looking to incorporate vintage pieces into their homes?  
I've never been a fan of cookie-cutter interiors so I love to collect vintage pieces that give my home that kind of effortless chic and add a bit of interest and personality. I'm of the belief that if you truly love something you'll find the right spot in your home for it. Be fearless - should you hate it there's always room to sell it at your next yard sale!
What is your favorite piece in the collection that you wish you could keep for yourself?
That's easy - the steam bent room divider - I've never seen anything like it and if I had the right spot for it, I'd steal it back! 
 {Interview: Elsie Green x SF Girl by Bay}


Here are a few photos from our sourcing trip in France! 
{photo by: Elsie Green}


{Photo by: Elsie Green}


{Photo by: SF Girl by Bay}


{Photo by: SF Girl by Bay}



{Photo by: SF Girl by Bay}

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