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Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so we decided to put together a post sharing a few little things you can do to make the day extra special. 
1. Stop at your local flower shop and pick up some fresh flowers. You don't always need to buy roses. Instead choose a nice bouquet with lighter shades of pink or red. Next, skip the plastic wrapping from a bouquet and put them in a pretty vessel. Give this arrangement as a gift to a loved one, yourself or even use for a centerpiece if your'e having dinner at home or a galentines gathering. 



 2. Make homemade Valentine's Day cards for your friends and family. Laurie's dad sends her and the family cards every year. It's a simple and thoughtful gift that puts a smile on anyones face.  

3. Going out to dinner? Skip the dessert when out and make something at home. Grab some bubbles and share the dessert in the comfort of your home.


4. Write down all the special people in your life and reach out to them throughout the week. Connecting with your friends and family is such a special thing and what life is truly about! 


We love you all! Xx EG