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Trends from Down Under I Van Life

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Trends from Down Under I Van Life
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Given the warm climate and coastal landscapes that Australia is known for, it is no surprise that van life here is alive and well. Van life offers an alternative lifestyle for people who want to simplify their lives, and fuel their wanderlust. It provides an opportunity to up-and-go at a moments notice, to get acquainted with the country in a more intimate way, and a chance to meet people from different walks of life. 

Your van will look different depending on your lifestyle and what your needs are. Obviously the space is limited so there will only be room for the essentials; a bed, a kitchen & some storage space. You will become reliant upon the showers and bathrooms provided at camping parks, and you will learn to spend a lot more time outside. But the scenery will be beautiful, the people will be interesting, the adventures will be memorable and no two days will look or feel the same. 

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A few of my friends have embarked on van life journeys of their own, and have shared a few of their favourite spots. Here are their top three : 

1. Byron Bay

2. Noosa 

3. Tweed Heads

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