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The daily coffee ritual is arguably the most universal act of self love there is, however, it is practiced differently depending on where you go. In Australia, there is a very strong cafe culture, meaning most Aussies are loyal to their local cafes and would never be seen with a Starbucks in hand, unless they were overseas or it was an absolute emergency. Most chain coffee shops closed in Australia after realising how incompatible their business models were with this deeply ingrained culture. So now, 95% of all coffee shops are independently owned, and the 84 Starbucks locations that remained nationwide are just filled with tourists. 

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The coffee in Australia is particularly good as well, and there is a reason for it, so time for a history lesson!

After World War Two, many Italian and Greek families migrated to Australia and began establishing coffee shops throughout the country. Italian and Greek coffeemakers used espresso rather than the drip or filtered coffee that is so often found in America, creating a coffee culture that prides itself on quality over convenience. This also means that Australians now know the difference, and won't ever opt for a more watered down version, even if it has a brand name attached to it.

 Since then, Australian coffee shops and consumers have adapted the espresso to make the now go-to Aussie coffee orders of either a flat white or a long black.

You choose. 

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Although I am originally from Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks coffee, the Australian coffee ritual has come to be one of my favourite things about living here. I love that each cup tastes just a little bit different. I love that I have faith in the little coffee shop around the corner. I love that I have had a different go-to coffee shop for every apartment that I have lived in. And I love that I hand picked each of them for myself. 

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If you ever make your way to Sydney, here are a few of my favourite cafes for you to try : 

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January 01, 2021 — Isabella Furber