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Trends from Down Under I Sharing is Caring

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Trends from Down Under I Sharing is Caring

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Okay ladies, let’s talk clothes. And in particular, let's talk the clothes we only wear for special occasions. Most of us are guilty of buying pieces that we wear once or twice. The item is just so pretty, and we have that event coming up so we justify it, but afterwards it just sits in our closet for years. We know it’s going to happen, but we simply can’t help ourselves, so we endure the hit to our bank account and apologise to the planet for the unnecessary damage. But Australian women have figured out a loophole. Dress hiring. 

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Now it is not dress hiring that is the revolutionary concept here, but rather, the way Australian women have executed it. In the US, there are companies such as Rent the Runway that specialise in this service, and there are also luxury brands that have introduced specific arms to rent out their pieces in order to make them more accessible.

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But Australian women take a different approach. They work through websites such as the High Street Runway that allow them to list their pieces on the weekends between wears for others to find, and to hire. Many will also create Instagram pages dedicated to their wardrobe so that people can browse more easily, or will post on Facebook buy & sell pages for items from specific brands.




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It is dress hiring as a side hustle and you make your own rules. You can hire out your clothes regularly, or more sporadicly. Depending on the size of your collection, you can list 20 items or 2. You don't need to brand yourself, as people are searching for the item, not for you. You create your own terms for cost, shipment, dry cleaning and all else. And for the cherry on top, the money spent by one woman to hire an outfit, goes directly into the pocket of another - women supporting women. We love that.

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The idea that luxury items are an investment is now more literal than ever.

Suddenly you have access to everyone else's closet, but only have to pay the hefty price tag for your all time favourites. Your wardrobe is paying for itself and you can sleep at night knowing that you look amazing and you’re being environmentally friendly. The ultimate win-win. 

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