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Trends from Down Under I Beauty Essentials

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Trends from Down Under I Beauty Essentials

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Most Aussies like to keep their makeup routines simple, light and easy. The heat and likelihood of a spontaneous beach outing make us more interested in skin products than eye makeup that runs. It is the effortless, dewy, and moisturized look that we are going for. I've rounded up a few Aussie must-have products that help us achieve the perfect summer glow.

The first step in any routine will always be sunscreen. The UV in Australia is particularly strong, so everyone is very mindful about protecting their skin. Go-to is an Australian skincare brand that is made from botanical ingredients and is cruelty free. This moisturiser is great as it protects your skin and leaves you with a dewy finish. 

Tanning drops have become the latest beauty craze in Australia. You mix a few drops in with your (SPF) moisturiser and are left looking healthier, well rested and sun kissed. The Isle of Paradise drops are a favourite, and they are available in different shades depending on your colouring. 

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Face hero is a lightweight facial oil made from various plant and nut oils, that is perfect for all skin types. It works to balance oily skin and hydrate dry skin. It is brightening and minimises fine lines or dark spots on your face. Face hero can also be used as a primer underneath your makeup on the days that you decide to get dolled up or on a night out. 

Lucas' PaPaw is the holy grail item. It is not the most glamorous item but it is definitely the most useful and effective. Everyone has one in their bag and in their bathroom. It can be used for almost anything, from hydrating your lips, to moisturising your cuticles, to shaping your eyebrows, to adding a sheen to your cheek bones. It is made from Carcia Papaya fresh fermented fruit, wax and pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly

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This serum is a personal favourite of mine. It is cruelty-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free and fragrance free. It works to brighten, hydrate and firm your skin. It is made from Vitimin-C, potent antioxidants and fruit enzymes. I swear by this product.

I have narrowed it down to three Glossier products but really its all of them. Sadly, Glossier does not ship to Australia but it is in very high demand. The natural, dewy and SPF inclusive products that they are known for, perfectly align with the beauty habits of Aussie girls. So every time anyone goes to America, they are obliged to buy in bulk and bring some back for all of their friends. That is the rule. 

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Frank Body is a naturally derived and cruelty free Australian skin care brand. This coffee scrub is a beauty essential for the body that helps to keep your skin clear, firm, smooth and bright. Plus it smells delightful. 

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Rose quartz facial rollers are a great way to start your day and beauty routine. They are double sided so you are able to use the large side for bigger areas such as your cheeks or your forehead and the smaller side for more concentrated areas like your under-eyes or between your brows. They soothe and cool your skin, and work to reduce puffiness. I recommend refrigerating your roller for enhanced and refreshing effects. 

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