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Swap Your Powder for These Cream Blushes

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Swap Your Powder for These Cream Blushes

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Over the last few years, our beauty routines have progressively transitioned towards skin-focused products and practices that place less emphasis on covering our perceived flaws and more emphasis on achieving a healthy, natural glow. As a result, our makeup routines have also been pared down; these days, less is more.

We've found that cream blushes have a more natural finish in comparison to their powdery counterparts, giving our cheeks an ideal subtle flush that isn't too sheer or too heavily pigmented. 
Out of the endless options to choose from, we've narrowed down a few of our favorites.

Keep scrolling for a peek at the cream blushes the Elsie Green gals swear by.

RMS lip2cheek Cream Blush in Spell
lilah b. Divine Duo Lip & Cheek in Lovely
Kosas Crème Cream Blush & Highlighter Duo in Tropic Equinox
NUDESTIX Nudies Matte Cream Blush in Beach Babe
ILIA Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment in Waking Up
NARS Air Matte Sheer Cream Blush in Rush
Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush in Pinky Sky
Melt Cosmetics Cream Blushlight in Honey Thief

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