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The Perfect Ham & Cheese Baguette

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The Perfect Ham & Cheese Baguette

The Jambon-Beurre is a French classic.  Assembling the sandwich is a snap, but acquiring the ingredients is a journey.

  1. The freshest European butter  - we like Isigny Beurre de Baratte
  2. A freshly baked baguette
  3. Jambon de Paris, a thinly sliced unsmoked ham
  4. Thinly sliced Gruyère

And the French secret -  the Jambon-Beurre must be eaten fresh on the same day it's made. So make a day of it. Plan your picnic, do your shopping, tuck your baguettes into a basket and head to the park.  

basket bag at a picnic

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Laurie Furber
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