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The Elsie Green Team's 2022 Gift Edit

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The Elsie Green Team's 2022 Gift Edit
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Each member of the Elsie Green team has beautiful taste.  And each is an avid Elsie Green shopper.  This year, we’re giving you an inside peek into the special things our shop girls (and boys) are planning to give their favorite people.  Of course some are from the shop, but there are still a few surprises from our secret sources

Laurie doesn’t give an abundance of gifts, but when she chooses one, it has to be exactly right for the recipient.  Something she knows her special person will use and appreciate for years to come.

See Laurie's Gift Edit >

JP really loves our vintage copper.  And when he gifts a gift, he likes to share a special piece with a special person.  Sometimes it’s a polished and re-tinned piece, sometimes it’s burnished with age.  

See JP's Gift Edit >

Kelsey made a resolution a few years ago to live a lower impact lifestyle, and that resolution extends to the gifts she gives.  She likes to choose vintage pieces or re-usable things and never gives a gift she’s not sure will be used and loved. 

See Kelsey's Gift Edit >

Sepi likes to give unique gifts that evoke a memory or emotion for her special people. 

See Sepi's Gift Edit >

Michele likes to start collections for her special people.  Whether it’s hand made pottery, vintage art, or vintage silver, she likes to give the first piece, then keep adding to the collection over the years.

See Michele's Gift Edit > 

Alena likes to contribute to the interests and hobbies of her loved ones.  copper for a friend with a newly remodeled kitchen, or hand made china for a home chef. 

See Alena's Gift Edit >

Joey looks for high quality, functional gifts that will withstand the test of time. Like our beautiful vintage bar glasses or french bread boards. Each piece made special by its markings from time and use.

See Joey's Gift Edit >

Terri believes in simplicity.  When she needs a hostess gift, she selects a pair of hand made, long-burning beeswax tapers.  For a gift  that  will wow its recipient, she wraps up a box of a dozen.  

See Terri's Gift Edit >

India has a passionate interest in art, and likes to share that interest with her friends and family.  A vintage painting for her mother,  a unique photograph for a treasured friend, perhaps a signed piece of stoneware as a nice gift for herself. 

See India's Gift Edit >

Erin likes to give gifts that are useful and chic, but also low maintenance.  Why give a friend another problem to solve?  

See Erin's Gift Edit >

Gifting is Sarah’s love language.  She loves spending time thinking about the special people on her list and dreaming up a unique gift or experience for each one. 

See Sarah's Gift Edit >


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