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bee pollen

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First just let us say -  we are not doctors.  But we are very interested in health and general wellness.  The shop girls are always sharing recipes, natural beauty products and wellness news we read in an article (or saw on TikTok).  Perhaps we are late to the party, but lately recipes featuring bee pollen have caught our eye.

bee pollen collagen bars

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Bee pollen's health benefits are so potent that the German Federal Board of Health recognizes it as medicine. It is a superfood with countless benefits, but we're particularly interested in immunity boosts, stress relief, and skin healing.

bee pollen and honey in yogurt

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This summer, we're finding all kinds of creative ways to layer on the bee pollen. We're snacking on it, we're sipping it, and lathering it on. Get your own bee pollen here, and keep reading for our summer sampling of bee pollen recipes from our test kitchen.

 honeycomb on white plate with flowers

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 The Bees' Knees Cocktail

2 oz gin, 2 oz honey, 1 egg white, juice of 1 lemon, bee pollen for garnish
Combine gin, honey, egg, and lemon in a cocktail shaker, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds over ice. Pour into a chilled champagne coupe, using a spoon to hold back egg white froth. Add froth last, to create a layer of foam over cocktail, and garnish with bee pollen to finish. Enjoy!

bees knees cocktail

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Apricot Chamomile Cake

Milk, dried chamomile, flour, sugar, baking powder, kosher salt, butter, eggs, vanilla extract, apricot preserves, bee pollen.

Recipe here. Trust us, it's good.

apriot chamomile cake with bee pollen

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 Bee Pollen Cleanser with Honey & Chamomile

Combine half a tablespoon of chamomile powder and one ounce honey, and once mixed, and another half tablespoon of chamomile. Add another ounce of raw honey, half a tablespoon of muddled bee pollen, and store in the fridge. Enjoy youthful, glowing skin all summer long.

honey and flowers

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June 21, 2022 — Andie Furber