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How Starting a Tea Ritual Can Lead to a Better Life

If you know us at Elsie Green, you know we love a good ritual.  As our lives get busier and our attention is more in demand, it's a lovely thing to indulge in something that requires most of your attention.  Like reading a book, meditating, yoga, or making a cup of tea.  We're not talking about putting a tea bag in hot water.  We're talking about putting the kettle on, choosing a loose leaf tea and steeping the tea in your teapot for five whole minutes while you do nearly nothing but wait.  Read more about the Japanese Tea Ritual.  

As you're reading this, do you feel the panic rising?   Do you wonder how you will find the discipline to do absolutely nothing while you wait for your tea to be ready?  Well, we think multi-tasking is highly over-rated.  Gaze out your window, read a few pages of  Calm and teach yourself to meditate, pet your dog.  You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.  When your tea is ready, pour it into a mug, sit down and take 15-20 minutes to drink it, alone with your thoughts.  

When you're through, you will feel like you've had a 20-minute nap.  And you'll begin to find the value in focusing on a single task until it's complete.  You'll start to find calm and peace in quiet moments throughout the day.  You'll find the courage to say to your family members or colleagues "let me just complete this.  I want to give you the attention you deserve."  And you'll find the patience to wait for something to be fully complete before moving on to the next. 

Give it a try.  We think you'll like it.    

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