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Thanksgiving Inspo

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Thanksgiving Inspo

This Thanksgiving, we did things a little differently.  We brought out our old film camera and decided to capture our Thanksgiving table in a special way.  We focused on the dishes that inspired us, both in flavor and beauty. Each dish was handmade and filled with love and passion.  Our Thanksgiving table was centered around the beauty of time well spent with loved ones, classic serving dishes paired with striking accent pieces, and the timelessness of vintage treasures (including that old film camera your grandfather gifted you a while back).  After all, we believe that not making something new is the greenest thing of all. 


-The Food-

Our gals recently started a cook book club this month.  Our Thanksgiving Table was inspired by our dear friend, Aran Goyoaga's, newest book "Cannelle et Vanille".  If you haven't already, we highly recommend adding this one to your collection.


-The Decor-

Transferware plates, French flatware, and vintage bread boards kept our table timeless.   The beautiful Baumann Mondor Dining Chairs sitting pretty around the table and the long peg rack hanging on the wall holding a variety of dried herbs added that special Elsie Green touch.


-The Company-

We love our team.  This is our photo team who makes these lovely photoshoots truly come to life.  Shannon, our Social Manager, Terra, our Operations Manager, and Kelsey, our Director of Marketing.  Come hang out with us in real life.  We're at the Concord Shop every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Elsie Green Team

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