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Test Kitchen Confidential

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Test Kitchen Confidential


At Elsie Green, each of us has a unique set of interests, but we all have something in common: we love books and we love to cook.  We’ve started sharing  books, recipes, and taste tests in the shop to perfect our recipes.    There’s always something delicious to sample in the shop. While we all love a good cookbook with simple recipes and big, beautiful photos, we each have our favorites.  

the cooks atelier cookbook


Terra loves The Cook's Atelier Cookbook

Her favorite recipe is the  Butter Cake with Seasonal Fruit

Her favorite Elsie Green kitchen tool is our vintage bread boards.  A cake is so pretty on parchment, served on a  beautiful vintage board.  

Meet Terra > 

cannelle vanille citrus olive oil cake


Kelsey loves the Cannelle et Vanille Cookbook 

Her favorite recipe is the Chocolate and Olive Oil Cake

Her favorite Elsie Green kitchen tool is our Linen Garçon Apron.  With a two year old in the house, Kelsey aprons up both herself and her son Griffin to try to keep her ensemble as clean as possible.  Which sometimes is not very clean at all.  But most times it does the trick.  

Meet Kelsey >

spaghetti on white plate


Michele loves Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking - by Marcella Hazan

Her favorite recipe is Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

Her favorite Elsie Green kitchen tool is our Classic Serving Bowl.  It's beautifully made, and has that nice wide, low shape that's so pretty for presentation.  

Meet Michele >

alice waters with peaches


I love Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food

My favorite recipe is the Roast Chicken.  I learned to roast a chicken with this recipe and have a very fond memory of passing that newly acquired expertise on to my friend Christopher Julia Child style with a chicken roasting in the oven and a raw chicken in the fridge to practice on.  

My favorite Elsie Green kitchen tool is our collection of new and vintage napkins.  I use them to line baskets, wrap baguettes, tie on handles of pots, fold them under serving platters to protect my table.  

Meet Laurie >

lamb and feta meatballs


Sepi loves Ottolenghi Simple 

Her favorite recipe is Lamb and Feta Meatballs

Her favorite Elsie Green kitchen is our Vintage Oval Platter. It's the perfect frame to present any recipe.  

Meet Sepi >

JP rarely uses a cookbook.  For as long as I've known him, he's cooked entirely by instinct.  He doesn't mind taste testing our creations though.  


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