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Take A Seat

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Take A Seat
There's nothing quite like a vintage dining chair.  Each one is different, yet equally as special.  If you know us, you know that we prefer eclectic sets over matching.  As such, when arranging a dining table, we tend to opt for an assorted grouping of vintage dining chairs.
mix matched dining table chairs
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we love how each chair stands on its' own here
vintage dining room chairs
a perfect mixture of styles
vintage dining table
similar, but each slightly different
vintage dining room
varying shades of wood coupled with differing shapes
Pretty vintage chairs aren't just for sitting around a dining table.  Desk chairs and accent chairs are equally as important and swoon-worthy.  The mixing of materials and colors creates a unique yet cohesive finish in a room.  Here's a look at some of our favorite examples.
vintage chairs for your home
pick a chair, any chair
vintage desk chair
this gorgeous chair acts as the perfect standout in this minimal space
vintage dining chairs
an office with plenty of (gorgeous) seating
vintage chairs for your home
power in singularity
The Elsie Team

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